DA1421 DECT miniFon


DA1421 miniFon is a small amulet phone with central call button. It can be used with any DECT telephone system and offers 2 important security features.

Silent Alarm Personal Protection
Smoke Alarm Detection Building Protection

Silent Alarm

figureSilent Alarm It is a horrible scenario: it’s night and you hear strange noise. Women feel particularly threatened.
In such situation you want to stay undetected and call for instant help.
Because DA1421 is a portable device, it can be used at raids on small shops, especially gas stations.
Help- and /or Emergency Call Sequence will be executed, fully undetected. The miniFon disables all audio and visible signals. The user will be informed about the status of help call via vibration patterns. „Room Monitoring“ is automatically enabled.

da1421 silent alarm

Smoke Alarm Detection

A world-first method is applied to reliably identify alarms of all smoke or heat detectors. You simply use your existing smoke detector.

Detect Smoke Alarm is instantly operational emergency call is automatically activated.

da1421 smoke alarm detection

Comfort Hands-Free Telephone

DA1421 miniFon is premium quality DECT handset with handsfree phone calls .

If your personal telephone list is defined including names, telecommunication will be very comfortable and easy. The Voice Assistant is reading the names:

„Tim is calling“
da1421 silent alarm


Smoke Alarm
DA1421 Application