simple but ingeniousDECT Phone / Pendant for blind persons



DA1422 package en

DA1422 DECT vocalFON

Innovation in telephony for visually impaired persons

  • integrated Voice Assistant as MMI (in all native languages)
  • Telephone Book with 100 contacts
  • Time Announcements via central button
  • Smoke Alarm emergency call sequence
  • High Audio Quality, Hands-free
  • Memos, Wake-Up, Clock function
  • contactless charging (Qi charging disk)

Easy Telephoning with 100 contacts

10 Telephone Register with individual titles

10 Numbers per Register with individual Names per Number

  select contact within 10 seconds

  a) select Register: Family – Friends – Doctors – Food-...

  b) select Name : Sushi King - Pizza Service - …

high quality DECT Handset with necklace

  everwhere and at any time available in home and garden

  incoming call will be announced with Name

  auto hook-off individual adjustable per each number

Time Announcements

valid time will be announced if central button is pressed:

„it is 9:45“

Smoke Alarm Emergency Call Sequence

acoustic identification of Smoke Alarm with automatic Emergency Call Sequence

compatible with all Smoke Detectors in the market

easy set-into-operation (2 minutes)
registration as DECT Handset at home Telephone System
compatible with all DECT systems (Fritzbox, , Gigaset,…)

in case you do not use a DECT System, we recommend:   
Gigaset C570