Emergency Call Pendant with best ratings Fall Detection

DA1432 DECT Emergency Call System: field trials closed with excellent results


field trials successfully closed  *  series production released  *  best ranking to Fall Detection

Based on the test results and supported by Lab measurements, DOSCH&AMAND has released a detailled Data Sheet of DA1432. It is first time that a Fall Detector holds precise technical data to Error Rate and Fall Detection Rate. The technical data of DA1432 Fall Detector are impressive:

Error Rate typ <2%

all movements incl product fall to floor

Fall Detected typ >85%

heavy falls : typ >95%

Therefore it is no surprise that DA1432 Fall Detector has got No1 rating:

  • Pos1
Fall Detector reliability, instantly operational
  • Pos2
commissioning in 2 steps operational, simple
  • Pos3
Voice Assistant valuable companion in all situations
  • Pos4
Telephone Book names instead of numbers
  • Pos5
Help and Emergency Call voice-assisted sequence, calming down panic

Use this Link to download DA1432 DATA Sheet >>>>>