DA1432 indePendant™ ...Emergency Call Transmitter with social and security features... next generation DECT Pendant

Demo Products available

If you are interested in next generation DECT PENDANT used as Emergency Call Transmitter but equipped with most relevant features which enrich and improve the life of elderly and handicapped persons alone at home then get more details here.

Basic Functions of DA1432

  • Voice Assistant (iVA) in any native language (personal voice guide)
  • Contact to Family & Friends with iVA reading out names from personalised telephone list
  • Help Call to Family & Friends
  • Emergency Call to Professional Care Center (“red button”)
  • Fall-Down Detection with automatic Emergency Call
  • Smoke Alarm Detection with automatic Call
  • Reminder function for e.g. taking medication
  • contactless charging with Qi charging disk
  • more

DA1432 will be delivered in black luxury box with OEM banderole including modern Qi Charging Disk, USB-Stick (PC APP), and Get-Started-Instruction

DA1432 is operational within minutes without any dedicated knowledge

DA1432 can be used stand-alone by "easy subscription" to any DECT Base Station (Gigaset, Panasonic, Telekom Speedport, Fritzbox,....) ... or delivered as Compact SOS System including SOS DECT Base and Handset.

DA1432 will be sold to B2B partners only