The good feeling of being safe at home


Help via Family and Friends is the best and most personal way to take care of our dearest. Many everyday issues can be solved in a pleasant and convenient way. In case of family and friends are not available, an emergency number will be dialled for safety reasons. Since no service contract is required, there are no additional monthly costs. All you need is your home-based DECT telephone system.



„John will be called, please wait“


You determine those persons who will be called for help in everyday problems by just pressing a Call Button. You define 3 numbers, which are contacted sequentially and repeatedly. The integrated Voice Assistant informs about call status and announces those persons who are in actual call dialling status. This contributes significantly to de-escalation in panic situations. An intelligent "Call Manager" ensures that the call sequence is executed safely. The usual help call acceptance by called person ("5" to send back) is no longer necessary.


„This is a smoke alarm call: Susanne Wagner in Munich ....."
"....the facility manager holds a door key... “


While sleeping we can not detect smoke. Therefore instant help is vital. DA1432 reliably detects smoke alarm of all smoke detectors and activates a help call sequence. The called party is informed via Voice Assistant about smoke alarm and location. In addition, further information such as access to the apartment can be added.

DA1432 is controlling the smoke alarm status until the smoke alarm has been turned off.


„Did you fall? …. Help Call will be triggered“


An essential element of safety is Fall Detection. The fall is the most severe threat for people who are living alone, because in many cases a manually triggered help call is not possible. DA1432 benefits from a new method (DPDM) regarding Fall Detection. DPDM is extremely reliable and suppresses false alarms, e.g. if only the device has fallen to the floor. Optionally, such product-fall event can be also activated for automatic help call. But DPDM checks the evidence of most likely emergency situation prior to executing such help call.


„Please take your medication!“


Most people in advanced age are dependent on various medications. Time-triggered notes from DA1432 help elderly person to remember to take their medications or any other action. You can define up to 5 notes per day. The integrated Voice Assistant reads out these instructions loudly and clearly plus indicating the current time.